Falling In Sex

"We were in love - for like 2-minutes."

A recent report said kids are having sex more today; many for the wrong reason: they’re looking for love. Wow – looking for love through sex is like panning for gold in aquarium gravel.  And it’s no wonder people are confused – our culture has mixed up sex and love so much the poor kids don’t know if they’re coming or going.

We teach our kids sex is dirty and disgusting – make sure you save it for someone you love.  OF COURSE sex is better with someone you love – so is eating cheeseburgers – but this double message confuses the hell out of kids – and most adults.  To make matters worse, we call having sex, “making love.”  Spin that one around a few zillion times in peoples’ minds and you get what we’ve got.

How many love relationships have we seen broken up because people confuse precious love with raging whore moans?  They feel so guilty about sex, they “fall in love” with someone who only pushed their hot buttons. We often fall in sex and then look for reasons to justify it. Reason #1 in society approval: love.

Most churches, schools, and parents STILL refuse to talk honestly about the difference between sex and love. They’d rather permanently lock them together, give kids organ recitals,  ignore reality, and preach about 1950’s morals at which kids rightfully laugh.

We must teach young adults about the responsibilities and pleasures of sex.  One of the main responsibilities is to not confuse it with love.

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