Ever Eat a Mango?

2 Responses to “Ever Eat a Mango?”

  1. Joseph Belle-Isle says:

    A woman can paint her body and run naked through the town but if a guy paints HIS nipples orange, his nuts red, and his pecker purple and a bullseye around his ass he HAS to stay inside or he’ll lose his teaching job. If he’s a Lawyer and tries to buy a doughnut in Wal-Mart the only firm that will hire him is the ACLU.
    Just think how many cross dressers in a land full of Burka’s!. We’re fighting two wars with guys who get erections when they cover their faces.
    The picture looks like the panhandle of Golden Gate Park.

  2. Joseph Belle-Isle says:

    Officer to attempted rape victim, “Why do you thinkl the man was a terrorist?”
    “Well officer, his jockey shorts were made out of yellow and fart stained white sheepskin sewed so it looked like he had two assholes and a tail.”

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