Eventually It Adds Up To Some Real Money

$1,000,000 Million
$1,000,000,000 Billion
$1,000,000,000,000 Trillion

There’s a lot of talk these days about government spending, borrowing, and the national debt. Who’s going to pay it?  Would you lend our government money?  We do better than that – we give it to them. At least we give them your kids’ and grandkids’ money.

Just because they sound the same doesn’t mean the numbers are even close. Think of it this way: imagine a stack of new $100 bills. A MILLION dollars would be a stack just over 3 feet high. It could fit on your desk.

A BILLION dollars would be a stack about the height of the Empire State Building.

A TRILLION dollars in hundreds? That stack would be over 270-miles tall. Skylab was the first US space station which was launched into a 270 miles altitude orbit on May 14, 1973 as part of the Apollo program.

If a person spent $1-million a minute, it would take…….oh, who the hell cares?

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  1. Bill says:

    The time to balance the budget and pay down the national debt is when the economy is doing well. When the economy is doing poorly, you DON’T want to balance the budget because it depresses the economy even more. We do a lousy job of teaching economics is this country. Folks are calling for austerity from our gvt. Bad move; they should have been doing that during W’s 1st term, and if we’re smart, we’ll wait until we have a nice recovery going before we worry about paying down the bills.

  2. Joseph Belle-Isle says:

    Economists say we paaed the point of no return before Obama even got to his first term. I wonder about George Orwells book 1984- and the need for a perpetual war over nothing to keep the world economy going. But that was before nuclear waste. If you think theres a lot of Chinamen now the one baby to a family thing isn’t working out since most of the babies are boys. If the chinese army ever invades anyone in the next 25 years they won’t be after oil or money, they’ll be after some kind of nookie besides Army issue olive drab pocket pussies. I’ll bet the port-o-lets on their big jobsites have messages like-“See the farmer on the North road out of town, ALL HIS cows are VIRGINS!!”

  3. August Katt says:

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