Erection Lasting Longer Than 4-Hours?

Note this optimistic angle.

You’ve got to hand it to the Cialis people. They take a supposed “health risk” – which is just about every guy’s sexual fantasy – and “warn” you about it every chance they get. The medical term for an erection which won’t go down is ‘priapism’ – and a medical dictionary is the closest I’ve ever come to it.

Priapism is supposed to be a serious medical emergency. So after 4-hours, you’re supposed to call your Doctor. I don’t think so! There’s a LONG list of women I would call first – since college….

“Laurie? This is Frank Paolo – right – Frank Paolo from college – remember? Yah, well remember that night after the feminist rally and you told me all men were pigs? And, I said I didn’t want to treat you just like a middle-class slut? Well, I really did, but I couldn’t, ya see..but NOW…uhhh, look, I’m only an hour and a half away from you…ya, I know it’s late but….. Laurie? Hello? Hello?”

“Pammy? Frank Paolo!……. Hello?”

“Elizabeth? Frank Paolo here. Yeh, really. Gosh – I was thinking about the silliest thing. Remember that night in New York and we were just lying there – and you looked down at me and said, “You can’t think of anyone else either, huh?” Well…yeh…that was pretty funny. I….you’re still laughing over that, huh? Yeh, me too. Well would you stop laughing for a minute here because ……”

“Dr. Johnson? Frank Paolo here. I took Cialis a few hours ago and I’m having some problems … ”

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  1. Bill says:

    My understanding is priapism is quite painful and the manufacturer’s warning isn’t really necessary; anyone with the condition would run to an emergency room anyway.

    I knew a young gay guy who decided to try out Viagara just to see what would happen with a couple of gay volunteers on hand to help him out. He reported the first couple hours were a lot of fun, the next couple not so much. He didn’t run to the doctor because it did eventually go down, but he advises against using this type of medication unless it’s absolutely necessary.

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