English Spoken Here

I love my Hispanic friends and their beautiful families and culture.  I  would also love it if they learned English and spoke it to their children exclusively.  Language is the glue that binds together a country of many different nationalities.  We may not look the same, listen to the same music, nor eat the same things – but if we can’t easily communicate with each other using a common language, how can we stand together as a nation?

My grandparents knew this when they came to America at the turn of the last century.  They learned English to get into schools, apply for jobs, and become citizens.  They were very proud when they learned how to speak English well.

Today in America we have many sophisticated means of teaching children our language.  We have television, the internet, and electronic games that could make it fun to learn the language.  We have excellent teachers and two and a half months of empty schools that could be devoted to preschool English lessons.

I hope my Latino friends know this idea is not an insult to their language or culture.  Instead it is a welcoming hand that says, “We respect our differences but we ask you join us to form a stronger America.  How may we help you get onboard?”

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  1. Joe Belle-Isle says:

    That pretty well sums up areas where people gather to get the bennies and don’t even try to learn English, and then “Honor Kill” their own children for becoming American with American ideals.

  2. Bill says:

    It’s the new adult immigrants who are sometimes stubborn about it. The kids pick English up pretty quickly from tv and school. The older the adult immigrant is, the less likely he is to learn English.

    On the other hand, Americans are among the worst when it comes to knowing a second tongue. People in Europe commonly know two, three, four, and up. American travelers can almost always find a translator whereever they go.

    But I do agree with your basic sentiment. If I ever moved to Spain, I would be fairly fluent in about six months. If you can’t speak the language, you’re basically helpless. Why would anyone want that?

  3. Joe Belle-Isle says:

    Oh hell before I got amnesia I was flatulent in seven different languages.You can always get a seat anywhere you go there’s empty seats and people leaving.

  4. Joe Belle-Isle says:

    In reality the European “Romance” languages are all rooted in Roman-or Latin. The formation of the sentences and uses of adjectives and verbs and often very similar. Once one master one European language it is much easier to be a linguist. I had a freind that broke his back taking parachute training to take the first overseas appointment of my unit and they had no idea of what they would run into-he became an International Patent Attorney and not only did the patent work for Xeox when it built it’s plant in Brazil he got suckerred into all the translators work. HE WAS THE ONLY INTERNATIONAL PATENT ATTORNEY THAT XEROX COULD FIND THAT SPOKE PORTUGUESE-the language of Brazil. From Philladelphia he was paid a seperation allowance from his professional wife, they paid off his house, paid his rent and food here, gave him an expense account, and paid HIM a seperation allowance for being away from his wife-Both got paid extra. I asked him what he did with all his money since he was up past midnit working everynight 7 days a week and in to work early. He didn’t have time to play the stocks so just filled banks to the FDIC minimum and then filled another one. I did the math and told him you don’t even need to work!! He said, “I think about that everyday, one day I’m just gonna disappear from here and to hell with it.”What a spot to be in-the only international attorney that spoke one lousy countries languuage for a large company that couldn’t even find him a translator. Name your price. Right now as you say, ENGLISH is the language that will get you the most jobs around the world. That says a lot for the worlds faith in us.

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