Egypt To US: MYOFB*


'We'll support you, Mo!' Hilly chirped.

Yesterday Egypt’s military-backed interim government declared the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization. This was just the latest effort in a campaign of arrests and prosecutions designed to smash the regional leader of terrorist groups like al-Queda and Hamas. Most Egyptians reject the hard-line, fundamentalist Muslim ideals of US-backed Mohammed Morsi whom they ousted in a military coup in July.

If we’re supposed to be fighting al-Queda in Afghanistan, why are we teaming up with them in Egypt and Syria?  And how did that work out for us in Benghazi?

The great ‘US Schizophrenic-Interventionist Foreign Policy’ speeds on under Obama ensuring that most of the world continues to despise us.  They want our dollars and military aid but think of us as a senile old uncle, out-of-date, out-of-step, and now nearly out of money.


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