Dream Weaver

I love popcorn – it’s my favorite vegetable.  And I was delighted to discover a new brand that’s tastier and less expensive than Orville’s “gourmet” brand.

In 1928, the Reverend Ira “Pop” Weaver and his son Welcome founded the Weaver Popcorn Company in Van Buren, Indiana.  Today it’s one of the world’s largest distributors of all things popcorn. Orville Redenbacker’s company (founded in 1970) lives just up the road.

A recent trip to Walmarts proved the popcorn was about 1/2 (!) the price of the fancier brands and tastes better.

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  1. Joe Belle-Isle says:

    An old guy went to the movies by the old folks home and there was just one real good looking girl behind the counter with a popcorn machine and a coke machine and butter and a big sign: Popcorn $2.00 Soda $2.00 Hand jobs $50.00.
    He eagerly asked the little miss if she was the one who gave the handjobs and winked. She winked back and said, “Yes!”
    He said, “Then go and wash your hands real real well and get me some POPCORN!

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