Doppler? I Don’t Even Know Her

I don’t like Doppler radar and I’m not amused by the  the bizarre maps and flailing isobars. I don’t even like fronts when they dance across the screen in time-enhanced, color cartoons.

Another “Storm of the Century” is predicted for the Northeastern  United States and everyone is in a tizzy.  We get these about once each year. The weather-feathers started whipping people into a froth two or three days ago: “Lotsa big weather coming! No unnecessary travel.  Watch for cancellations and delays! Hide your kids! Stay tuned!”

Meteorologists are jumping around in front of maps – all grim – with their jackets off to show how hard they’re working to save us from mad weather.  ‘Today Show’s’ weather guy Al Rokor, is thrown outside somewhere to be pounded for a real-life outdoors shot.  And all the old people rush to grocery stores and stock up like the storm might last 6-weeks.

When we were an agricultural society, weather reports made sense because farmers could plan their days accordingly. Now, most days the weather is just a hyped, cheap-to-produce stepchild of local news. There’s less there than meets the eye.

I could do the friggin’ weather  in about 10-seconds. Here goes:

“The National Weather Service says there’s about a 50% chance of snow tomorrow. So flip a coin and and good luck to ya. Back to you, Rebecca.”

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  1. b says:

    spoken from someone who doesnt work outside

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