A ‘Bloody Buddy’ Day?

It’s rarely a good idea to tell a woman what to wear. In Iran, Muslim morality police mix with everyday people demanding they dress in accordance to Islamic law. Religious clerics (all men) tell women in public if they’re not dressed “properly.”

Cleric Hojatoleslam Ali Beheshti saw a woman whom he did not think was dressed modestly enough and told her to “cover up.”  She told him to cover his eyes – a heavy insult to a cleric. Beheshti again told the woman to cover up and stop being disrespectful to him.

That’s when she floored him with a surprise punch.

After he was flattened, she proceeded to kick and insult him until she was dragged away by shocked spectators. Beheshti says he was in the hospital for three days but will not press charges.  That’s probably a good idea because if the woman was  in a police lineup wearing a burka, she’d be pretty tough to pick out.

3 Responses to “A ‘Bloody Buddy’ Day?”

  1. Bill says:

    Are Islamic men animals, unable to control their lust when they see a little flesh? Are they afraid of women? Do they enjoy pushing weaker people around?

    My theory is they feel small and weak, and they compensate by bullying their women. Ironically, it makes them look even smaller in the eyes of the world.

    Little, weak men.

  2. Earleen says:

    You are a very intelligent individual!

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