Don’t Feel Sorry For Her – She’s Already Dead

To me, if your heart isn’t torn when you see an infant who has starved to death, you’re just a hairless ape. As a matter of fact, if the picture above doesn’t move you, why don’t you go to someone else’s Blog? I really don’t want you around mine.

Peoples’ minds must filter out most of what we see, hear, and feel – or else we would go mad. I get depressed when I see pictures like this – it’s hard for me to move on and leave the image behind. And then I remember a thought that’s even more depressing.

One of the strongest drives in human beings is the need to procreate – to carry on the species. It’s genetically hard wired in us and can never change. Which means if – by some miracle – this dead child were brought back to life and nursed to health and adulthood, one of the first things she would want to do – would NEED to do – is have MORE children. Pitifully, there will ALWAYS be an overpopulation of children who must have even more children whom they cannot feed – many of whom will starve to death.

And what can we do about it?  Absolutely nothing.

Uh……oh – sorry. Hey! How did the USA Womens’ Volleyball Team do at the Olympics?


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One Response to “Don’t Feel Sorry For Her – She’s Already Dead”

  1. Bill says:

    The photo is heart-rending, but part of our reaction is a bi-product of how rare infant mortality has become here in America. Just a few generations ago it was common for families to lose over half their children before the age of one. When death is so common, people learn to take it in stride. The mother of the infant shown had her own starvation to worry about; she couldn’t afford to get overly sentimental.

    For other animals, death by violence or starvation is an everyday fact of life. The naked ape has gotten spoiled.

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