Does The Lady Have ANY Responsibility Here?

Entertainer and Navy veteran Bill Cosby speaks during a Veterans Day ceremony, Tuesday, Nov. 11, 2014, at the The All Wars Memorial to Colored Soldiers and Sailors in Philadelphia. Cosby told the crowd during a 20-minute address that “we don’t forget about ours,” as he spoke about the importance of the memorial along the Benjamin Franklin Parkway.(AP Photo/Matt Rourke)

Bill Cosby is a rapist. No, not in the legal, “innocent until proven guilty” sense but in the “common sense” category – of course he is. Five dozen women spanning the whole country and over 40+years didn’t conspire to screw him. Hell, the main thing they have in common is they didn’t want to screw him.

Cosby’s a slime bucket and deserves what he gets. But that said, there’s another point that should be considered: the woman now bringing charges against him possibly could have prevented the whole tragedy.

The woman met Cosby a number of times before to see if he could help her with her career. She voluntarily went to his home and willingly took pills and drank wine he offered “to relax.” Relax for what? Career counseling? C’mon, lady!

Most women are NOT helpless, naive, ditzy VICTIMS. I don’t think this one is either.  She got in over her head with a conniving snake but most women would have been smart enough not to get into the pit with him. They certainly would not have consciously aided their attacker by “relaxing” around him.

You can park your expensive convertible with the keys in the ignition in a ghetto if you want – that’s not a crime. When it’s stolen and the thief gets caught, he’s still going to get charged with ‘grand theft – auto.’ BUT every person who hears the facts is going to say, “What? Was the driver friggin’ stupid?”

Women (or men): if you disagree, please respond in my ‘Comments’ section. Explain to me why my opinion is wrong. I’ll be happy to print your response.

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