Do You Smoke After Sex?

“Don’t Know – Never Looked”

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  1. Bill says:

    A lot of men had the hots for Ms Dietrich, and from what I’ve heard she was very nice to many of them. Frankly, she wasn’t my type. I also heard she was in love with Yul Brynner, but he walked away after trifling with her affections–among other accoutrements. The fact that she was much older than he no doubt was a factor.

    With all that makeup on it could be anybody. Did I pick the right person?

  2. Joseph Belle-Isle says:

    Yes, that is the lady who at18 was virtually held prisoner as the girlfreind of a Nazi weaponeer. He was so jealous he took her to his designer engineering conferences since a girl like that had to be stupid, RIGHT?? She escaped to America and designed the frequency jumping systems now used to keep enemies from picking up the frequencies used by our torpedoes. Those were tube electronic days and the NAVY saw no need for her futuristic look at how to jam enemies from tracking our stuff. She got a patent but the Navy never bought it and she let the patent go after many many years. Then put her system to work without royalties in the solid state days. SHE WAS SMART, self taught electrical engineer and super inside spy. But before she died she was honored for her designs by the navy and the US Gov’t. Andcould probably tell you the circumference of the Dukes unit in centimeters just by the way he walked.

  3. Joseph Belle-Isle says:

    I meant”Then the Navy put her ideas to work without royalties.”

  4. Joseph Belle-Isle says:

    And she probably had calibrated lips

  5. Joan says:


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