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Oral Roberts, the great Christian Pentecostal Evangelist, died today at 91.  Although there are few things on which Mr. Roberts and I could ever agree, there is no denying he was a man who built a worldwide ministry, an accredited university, and a medical school. He brought hope, comfort, and faith to millions of people.

I would sincerely like to extend my condolences and all positive energy to Mr. Robert’s family and to all of those who believe in him.

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  1. Joe Bele-Isle says:

    I had a much younger Captain on a Crago Boat in the oilpatch that told me he was woking his way through Oral Roberts University, kind of as if he were confessing or fishing for a comment to see where I would feel about him. I told him at least he took the money he got and built a real school. We were pretty good freinds after that. I know he has common sense from his seamanship, if he did become a Dr. and has a strong faith in something, he’s better than a lot of other Dr’s out there right now. And no I don’t have the same faith as him, but when my love ones need help I figure it can’t hurt if their Dr’s believe in something besides themselves and their own pocketbook.
    I didn’t know they were razor sharp Franco, like the old umbrella thing, I see what you mean about the advantage of a shorter distance. How about John Holmes? The Dr. says “I need six stents and tie them together.”
    It sounds terribly painfull. Human pearls.

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