Did Castro Kill Kennedy?


He certainly had enough reasons to. When John Kennedy was President, there were at least SIX attempts on Castro’s life. From shootings to poisonings and even an exploding cigar (thought up by the CIA) the U.S. tried everything to kill Fidel. Of course, this was all secret at the time – even from then Vice-President Lyndon Johnson. When Johnson took over and found out about it, he bellowed, “They (the Kennedys) were running a goddamn ‘Murder Inc.’ down there!”

Around noon in Havana on November 22, 1963, Castro was having lunch with a well-known French journalist. Midway through the meal, one of the dictator’s aids rushed in and whispered something in his ear. The journalist later reported Castro “turned white” and said, “Jesus! They killed Kennedy and now they’ll blame us and invade!” He immediately left for his office.

Castro had good reason to be paranoid. He was only 90-miles away from the world’s largest, nuclear superpower which was trying its best to get rid of him. Cuba could have been obliterated in less than 20-minutes. Would the young Communist be dumb enough to give us a reason for doing that? Hardly. Castro was a lot of things – but he wasn’t stupid.

Years later, yet another ‘60’s plot against Castro was discovered. The good folks at the CIA – who probably watched too many James Bond movies – were going to ‘emasculate’ Fidel in front of the Cuban people. Their chemists came up with some bizarre powder that was supposed to make his beard fall out!

This strange scheme may actually have come closest to killing the dictator. When he learned about it, aids said Castro almost “died laughing”.

Sunday is the 46th Anniversary of John Kennedy’s Assassination (In my opinion, the day this country started going to hell.)

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  1. Joe Belle-Isle says:

    In the 60’s we did some stupid stuff in the developement of special weapons, the easiset to believe is when they releases a traceable Infkuenza strain into areas of the bay Area Transit system of San Francisco- to see how far the prevailing air currents could carry an enemy gass attack. And people died from the flu.
    But then take a look at a book titled THE TUNNELS OF CU-CHI.
    We were flying around South Vietnam at the start looking for a good place to build a central staging area and fort (I guess that’s what it was I was never there but people I knew that were had some wild stories.) But the North Vietnamese Leader Ho Chi Minh first came onto the history books after WWI, as a young man. And with our help as our ally fought the Japanese to get his country back in one piece, but after WWII the world leaders broke Vietnam back into two pieces so the FRENCH could have their “Stolen colony” back. So he fought the French but was a Communist-therefore our enemy. He had fought through WWI, WWII, and then the French, and had built himself an underground well hidden from the air central staging area and base. In the ideal place we picked- Cu-Chi. We built an American base over 500 underground miles of the enemies tunnels, one, two, and three tunnells deep. In the entire war we never discoverred the third level and tried everything to get them out- after they had a field day-or years, just popping up behind our defenses and wreaking havock.
    That’s where the strangest special weapons I ever heard of came in. One genious found that when bedbugs got anywhere near a human being they made tiny inaudible noises and they developed a electronic listener for the bedbugs to take into the field and set to go off in the presence of other people, like a tunnel entrance.
    OF COURSE they went off whenever anyone picked up the box of bedbugs to carry out there.
    One other device I remember was a sensor that would go off when it could sense the ureic acid in an enemies sweat out in the jungle. Soon the enemy was hanging pouches af Waterbuffalo urine on stick tripods. There’s no telling how many bags of piss we called firemissions in on.
    But try and remember that Ho had his people sytematicly killing the leaders of people in stone age type villages, and then villages, and durring TET’68 some 5,000 men that worked near us, with their hands tied behind them, in groups of around 300 over such a wide area it took us over a year to start finding the bodies with women going through fingerbones looking for their husbands wedding rings or jewelry. We honestly thought if he won he would take over all of southeast asia and then Japan and then come back at us like the Japanese did. We believed his Communism was a threat to America. That his conquerring army actually went into Cambodia and saved those people in the killing fields from Pol Plot and then came back out, happy just to have his own country still is a painfull thing. So much death for nothing.
    And thanks for the comments on veterans day, I just didn’t get back until long after.
    And I have to agree with you Frank that some of our people were watching too many James Bond Movies.
    I understand there is another ice age glacier of ice about three miles high headed for New York City, FOR TRUE!! It will just be a few million years but it’s something nice to worry about if anybody doesn’t have enough

  2. Steve says:

    FP, I really like your posts, and one, of only a few, with any sense on the D&C…but, when you do post on the D&C, you are seriously talking to a Right Wing Wall. Oreilly and the others are right, they are always right, and th esooner you just accept it, the better things will be: – )
    I admit, and I’m not proud of it, but I have given up on that site…in fact, I’ve commented on others sites…and it just seems useless sometimes.
    The D&C has just gotten unreadable.
    Like your blog though.

  3. Steve says:

    “In my opinion, the day this country started going to hell”

    -I agree with you. And, I haven’t done as much research as you, but I’ve never bought Oswald doing it alone.
    This country should have STOPPED everything, and demanded the truth. Like him or not, this was a popular US president, gunned down, barbarically in broad daylight with people watching. This was a huge message.
    But mainly, I think, it was the powers that be, telling America, you can have hope, just not too much hope. I don’t know who did it, and I don’t think we will ever really know. But, I agree that it was the beginning of the end.

  4. Brenda says:

    “In my opinion, the day this country started going to hell”

    Perhaps in some ways, but I imagine if my family and I existed in, before, or around 1964, it would be very much like hell……..

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