Did Bill Hang Out at a Nude Beach?


Bill Clinton may possibly have gone to a nude beach on Martha’s Vineyard this summer. This seems to be “news” on Fox TV, specifically Bill O’Reilly’s “Factor”.  With much snickering and embarrassed smirks (just like in Junior High), O’Reilly finally admitted he didn’t think so – but seemed delighted to run the story and get to the bottom of it.  So, Bill O got to titillate his right-wing nut viewers with ridiculous, heavily-digitized shots of nude sunbathers showing only their feet (!) and still stand on the side of moral prudery.  It was pretty funny.

As someone who has enjoyed nude beaches and resorts across America for many years, I can tell you, it’s certainly no big thing.  At least that’s what many nude sunbathers have told me.

Remember, this is a nation which was founded by a bunch of religious prigs no one else wanted in their countries.  Their obscene philosophies on sex and morality have polluted young minds here for centuries.  If this nation can withstand those ugly ideas (and pictures of a topless Dr. Laura) I think we’ll survive Ex-Prez Bill flopping around in the sun.  Hillary?  Not so much.

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4 Responses to “Did Bill Hang Out at a Nude Beach?”

  1. Joseph Belle-Isle says:

    Most clients? A freind of mine opened the very first Waterbed store in Rochester, on Monroe Ave. He hired two good freinds. They put a secretary wanted sign in the window in those free love hippie days and interviewed lots of secretary wannabe’s that thought waterbeds were neat. Nobody ever got hired but nobody ever complaigned. He was a smart Jewish kid from Brighton with a sense for business. The last time I saw him he was selling the “Lords Prayer,” stamped on a penny for a dollar on the corner of Powell and market st. in San Francisco in 1974. You supply the penny.

  2. Frank Paolo says:

    I remember those days AND the store! Didn’t he have a filled waterbed outside for advertising or is my mind splashing tricks on me?

  3. Joseph Belle-Isle says:

    Well Lenny sold out to Waterbeds of Rochester and moved to cal, we met by accident hustling tourists at Powell and market. I always figured wherever I went he was somewhere right behind me. My folks retired to St. Pete and I went there for a while and moved here- he moved to St. Pete. Bought a hotel or Motel. We’ll visit next year. If he’s back from Hawaii- he went to hawaii and I went to the West Indies. I remember he tried a sales gimmick to sink a customer who was worried about a leak, and water going everywhere. He told his good looking girlfreind in High heels to get up on a chair and hit the waterbed with her spiked heels to show him how well built the bed was. She did. Fell over. And poked two holes in the mattress. “See!!” “Water doesn’t go all over the place it just puddles up.”

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