Death of an Illusion

The fatal attack of a killer whale at Sea World brings up the guilt from which I can usually disassociate myself when I watch elephants.

I love elephants!   I am in awe of their size, intelligence, and their love of other elephants.  When I go to a circus to see them, I have to try hard to forget the high cost of my entertainment.  These incredibly noble creatures are carted in shaky boxcars stop to stop – isolated from every natural element they’ve known and then are forced to perform demeaning tricks for human applause.

Yes, I know circuses treat them well (because they’re too valuable not to) and some are born in captivity but if I thought too much about it, I could never see one “perform” again.  Even if you’re one of the warden’s pet prisoners and get all sorts of perks, he gets to go home every night while you get to stare at the bars.

You just can’t think too much in this world – but I don’t think I can ever go to a circus again.

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  1. Bill says:

    I doubt very much the elephants feel “demeaned” by the tricks they perform. Certainly no more than a hooker does. How many human beings hate and feel trapped by their jobs?

    If it’s any consolation, elephants in captivity maim and/or kill a great many people every year. The zoo in Syracuse used to have a female who got her jollies by throwing her own excrement at the gawkers. That was fun.

  2. Brenda says:

    I guess elephants are smart. If people won’t stop to look at them for fear of a shit pie in their face, the zoo won’t need them anymore and they can be set in the wild. Too much.

    Honestly, I feel guilty everytime I visit the zoo. Well I love seeing the animals, I hate cages. Last time we were at the Seneca Park zoo, the wolves would howl painfully everytime they heard a siren. To see giant elephants in such small cages at the buffalo zoo brought tears to my eyes. Is it cruel for them to be in that environment? Who cares if they were born in captivity? So were slaves, but we don’t condone slavery because of it.

  3. Joe Bele-Isle says:

    When elephants are “In Musk” it’s like they have taken a 50 gal dose of espresso or testosterone. The circus used to parade them through the city streets to advertise the circus. In those days a LOT of bystanders got stood on by a elephant going full speed. I don’t know what makes a killer whale a killer. Maybe the sailors that named them knew something the guys in the arena didn’t.
    On a big cargo boat that goes 10-11 knots the porpi really get off on the boats vibrations. I’ve seen about 8 porpoises swimming all around each other at the bow for a long time then SPLaT the water turns white and the ladies follow the white spot getting fertilized.
    Maybe the killer whale just said to the trainer, “Alright pal! that’s enough teasing- put out or get out of the pool, FAST!” And the whale got real jealous of whatever he was doing with that megaphone that wasn’t her.

  4. paolo. says:

    You never fail to ‘knock me out’, Joe. I think it was Steve who said (on another blog) something like, “Well, if you dress like a seal . . .”

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