Dear Governor Paterson…..

OK, let’s take a shot of reality here.  Dave, you’re not going to win the election – there’s no chance you’re going to win the election.  Freakin’ Nelson Rockefeller has a better chance of winning the election – and he’s dead!  I have a better idea:

Drop out of the race now and leave a memorable David Paterson legacy: a fiscally – responsible EXPLOSION that can lead government back to serving the people instead   of special interest groups, unions, porky legislators, and political hacks.  The idea will be shocking at first – but that’s exactly what you need when you’re NOT running for reelection and beholden to party bosses, lobbyists, and large campaign contributors.  The idea?

Cut EVERY New York State expenditure across-the-board by 10% for 1-year.

NYS salaries (yes, teachers and correctional officers too),  contracts, retirement benefits, health care workers, disability clients, Medicaid payments, SUNY, Social Services pay outs, arts funding, aid to schools and municipalities – EVERYTHING  – for one year -no exceptions.

Isn’t 9/10 of a loaf better than nothing for 1-year?  If I were the CSEA, I’d much prefer my members take a 10% cut for a year – rather than have even one of them lose his job, go on unemployment, and sidetrack his career.  Cuts are being made now in your budget!  But now the hacks get to choose which department, which program, and what people are getting sliced.  Why not have everyone tighten his belt – uniformly and fairly for just a year?

New York State has been very generous to many people for many years.  That’s one reason we can be proud of our heritage.  That’s one reason New York is New York! But right now you’re telling us we’re in a fiscal crisis and everyone wants to pretend and play ‘business as usual’ – even YOU – with minor reforms.  It’s time to JUMP outside the box!

I know I don’t know the right figures or if this is “doable” under the our present laws – but I’m thinking someone like you can make this – or something like this – happen.  If you’re going after the impossible dream, why not make it a revolutionary, fiscally – responsible BOMBSHELL instead of tilting at windmills in a hopeless election?  Why not be a REAL leader for the people?

Dave, make us proud of you!


4 Responses to “Dear Governor Paterson…..”

  1. drad says:

    i like this one

  2. Bill says:

    There are a couple problems with your proposal. First, NYS has nothing to do with most teacher pay. That is determined by contracts between the various school districts and teacher’s unions. Paterson couldn’t touch it even if he wanted to. Second, cutting government spending in general and salaries in particular during a recession is not a smart move. The state’s problem right now is loss of revenues caused by recession related unemployment and the meltdown of financial institutions. We need to get the economy back on track; a massive infrastructure-linked jobs program would be a good start.

    Paterson is in trouble politically precisely because he HAS tried to attack the problem head-on. People screamed bloody murder when he proposed spending cuts and again when he wanted to raise taxes and fees.

    The biggest problem with NY is the immaturity of her voters. NY offers many benefits and programs you won’t find in other states (like medicaid paying for nursing home care for wealthy residents) which the people demand but don’t want to pay for. I see no sign the voters want to behave like adults. They will continue to elect officials who tell them what they want to hear.

  3. paolo. says:

    Bill, the state gives a chunk of money to the school districts – 1 year they get 90%. Let them decide how to make cuts within their own systems.

  4. Joe Bele-Isle says:

    OR-All over the country we could all bite on the communist/socialist agenda and do like Stalin and mao did. Simply round up the people that bitch and kill them by the thousands into the millions. People cost $ so get rid of a bunch of people and automaticly kill girl children at birth. Look how well that system has worked for China!!

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