“And he’s not only merely dead … he’s really, most sincerely dead.”

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  1. Joe Belle-Isle says:

    And now I suppose we are there just to bring Freedom to all the people that don’t want it. I suppose the theory that once you have shared TEA with a native he is your freind and loves Americans is as valid as once your invited into a Vietcongs house and offerred the chickens head from the pot you absolutely need to eat the chickens brains as the top delicacy for the honored guest-that if you don’t you are insulting them. Honest God that’s what they told us. But I never met anyone that would go into a hut without a squad a riflemen, locked and loaded, looking for Enemy weapons. The plan for their victory is simple. They live there, always have, ain’t going anywhere, we’ll get tired of it and declare victory and come home, the Taliban will wipe out anyone that DID happily and seriously share tea. In 40 yrs most of their populace will only know they beat us, our kids didn’t really want to be there, and they MIGHT just feel sorry for us like the Vietnamese for being used. They won’t even remember Bin Laden.

  2. Joe Belle-Isle says:

    In this country only the kin of the 5+1/2 hundred or so dead and the 35,000 wounded will remember. The mega rich children of our well padded crooked leaders who took advantage of Murderred civilians pics to make themselves rich, and RICHER, and of the new American Royal class will be planning the next way to rob the people by giving parts of their personal piggy bank away.
    But since feeding the overpopulated countries that has already caused us to pump the water table of our heartland so sar down that eventually we won’t be able to reach the water to grow food we will have Another dustbowl. And our apathetic youth will be as old as we are and on the top of the list for letting die without medical care.

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