Danger Women: Wet Toilet Seats

I know any number of strong, confident women.  Somehow I can’t imagine them getting up in the middle of the night, stumbling into bathrooms, and falling into water-filled toilet bowls.  But they do – and guess who gets blamed?  Right: MEN.

As a stand-up guy for urination, I take responsibility for any toilet seats I use.  I’m a grown-up. When I walk into a bathroom, I look at the toilet seat and lift it up if it’s down – I just don’t spray blindly.  But womens’ equality reached the voting booth a hundred years before it will reach the bathroom – men are still waiting.

An old lover from New York stayed with me a few years back. Did I stand up for mens rights and leave the seat up?  No.  I made the sign above out of electrical tape and stuck it on the inside of the seat to remind me to put it down.

Guys: Christ knows we do enough things to annoy them.  Let’s concede the little ones.

The International Center for Bathroom Etiquette (Really!): http://www.icbe.org/seat-up-seat-down/

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