Dancing Not For Dollars

Women really love to dance. And I just don’t mean ballerinas, strippers, show girls, and belly-dancers.  I mean everyday lawyers, nurses, stay-at-home Moms and just about all of them.  Go to any club or party and women will be dancing with each other and sometimes even alone.

But most men would rather go to the dentist than go dancing (except a few who dance with other men).  You can usually find the guys leaning on the bar or in a group of their buds at a party.


A recent study stated that women love to dance because it “frees” them of inhibiting physical behavior in socially-acceptable ways – in a safe environment.  They can rhythmically slink, jiggle, step, bounce, gyrate, spin, twirl, pendulate, shake their asses, and make sexual moves WITHOUT over-exciting alpha males who just want to see them waving their feet at the ceiling.

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