Damn Your Right-Clicks!

As most of you know, my beloved i-Mac didn’t survive my move*. Consequently I have been FORCED to learn some PC skills on a laptop given to me by my friend, Gary. The best thing I can say for the world of Microsoft is IT SUCKS!

Everything is so complicated – and klunky. WORD is a nightmare compared to simple WP programs. But the worst is a mouse with Right Clicks. There are just too many choices. I lived happily for over 25-years with MacIntosh 1-Click mice. Most times you click once (to select) – or twice (to open). Simple.

When Apple first introduced Mac in the mid-80’s, it’s tag line was “For the Rest of Us”. In other words, you might not be a computer wizard – but you didn’t need to be to enjoy the benefits of bits & bytes. You don’t have to be an auto mechanic to enjoy driving, right?

Some computer geek told me there was a reason PC’s are much more complicated than anything Apple. Apple jumped into the field first and sucked up all the patents for the easy methods. Microsoft had to come up with similar processes without stealing the simpler, Apple ways. True? Who knows.

All I know is I’ve got better things to do than to search through the strange list of Word fonts – like playing string games with Tuesday and Wednesday.

Microsoft literally means small and not hard. They couldn’t even get their damn name right.



*BTW- all my e-mail addresses were destroyed. And yes, I know I should have BACKED EVERYTHING UP! But I didn’t, OK? So friends and clients, if you ever want another e-mail from me, just drop a line to fpaolo1@rochester.rr.com. You don’t even have to say anything – I’ll put your address on my new list AND BACK IT UP. Right.

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