Cuban Reality


Finally! After nearly a half-century, Obama has decided it’s time to “normalize” a relationship with Cuba. There are some old-fart, cold war diehards who are grumbling but few people are listening to them.  The whiners are conservatives – mostly Republican – and a few Florida politicians who can still milk a few wrinkled votes by waving the flag and shouting out the evils of communism.

Communism is now more irrelevant than evil and we have stand-out examples in Russia and China.  Our economic embargo against Cuba never worked but, of course, America is very slow to admit failure (think of the Drug War, the War on Poverty, the war in Iraq, etc.)

Cuba has been a human rights whipping-boy because it’s of absolutely no use to the US government and it can’t fight back. Places like China, most of Africa, and many countries in the Mideast are far worse enemies of freedom but we need them for economic and political reasons. Today we don’t even need Cuba for cigars.

What the US really needs is to stop pretending to be the freedom police of the world and focus on our own problems.

CUBA – Foreign Policy Litmus Test:  

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