Crazy Carl Said WHAT?!

OK – so Carl Paladino never had much of a chance to become Governor of New York.  But riding on voters’ anger, he snatched the Republican nomination from a moderate candidate who at least appeared sane -although neither could actually win against the well-oiled Democratic machine which chooses our state’s leader.

But then Carl’s mouth blew his “snowball’s chance in hell” into a “snowflake’s chance” with the emphasis on ‘flake’.

Paladino wished people on welfare would get some manners and needed lessons on personal hygiene.  Yikes! Then he made some nasty remarks about New York City Democrats.  Uh-oh. Then he attacked gay people – especially those who butt-bumped in gay pride parades. Oooh, boy!

Hell – this is New York.  Throw away the people on welfare, New York City’s Democrats, and gay people and what do you have left?  Straight upstate women?

Well, Carl took care of that Thursday night by calling our Junior Senator (a woman) the Senior Senator’s (a man’s) “little girl”.  Say WHAT!? Carl could have called her a “puppet” or a “tag along” but instead he chose “little girl”.  And if anyone missed that, Carl repeated it the next day. New York women were not amused.

So who’s going to vote for Carl now?  Well, let’s see.  There are a dozen drunk regulars in a bar in Tonowanda, nine central New York wheat farmers (if they can get their crops in) and . . . .oh. never mind.

3 Responses to “Crazy Carl Said WHAT?!”

  1. Bill says:

    Surprisingly, polls show Paladino well ahead in the upstate area. One third of Americans are self-described racists. While his comments offend a great many people, they also endear him to a great many others.

    I’m still voting for Davis.

    Incidentally, the NY State Senate has been controlled by the GOP for many years, and there is a long list of GOP governors and NYC mayors. We are a liberal state, but we also have a great many liberal Republicans. The Democratic machine is powerful, but not THAT powerful.

  2. Joe Belle-Isle says:

    Everybody is either a racist or a liar about it. Now a sado-masochistic-sociopathic hate filled racist is a different thing. They need money to operate so don’t forget to donate to your favorite political party!

  3. […] Carl Paladino of Buffalo, New York, is a successful developer, school board member, former co-chairman of the New York State ‘Trump-For-President’ committee and a racist.  He ran for Governor a few years ago and made a fool of himself with his attention-demanding antics.  SEE ‘Crazy Carl Said What!?’ : […]

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