Compound Fracture

$1,000,000 Home in Pakistan

So OK, you’re the world’s most hated terrorist.  On your head, dead or alive, there’s a $1-million bounty (what the average Pakistani could earn in about 400-years). How do you hide?

Easy.  You go to one of America’s (wink, wink) “allies” – and build the  most expensive house in a wealthy neighborhood near the capitol.  You try to blend in even though you’re the only home on the block which apparently has no garbage.  Also, you don’t get lines for your telephones or cable TV and communicate by courier. So there you sit – only occasionally mowing the lawn in your shorts and never ordering out for pizza.


This stinks.  I am not taking one iota of credit away from the heroic Navy Seals who killed this sonofabitch.  But the Seals can only make plans on the information they have.  Pakistani Boy Scout Troop #695 could have put this together years ago!

So who got the information and didn’t share?  Raise your hand, Pakistan –  our good buddy.  And if you need any help in the future against your arch rival, India, give us a call.

America can’t tell the good actors from the bad in the Mideast.  Bring our troops home NOW!

3 Responses to “Compound Fracture”

  1. Joe Belle-Isle says:

    Sheeit! They probably just thought he was another typical heroin dealing well guarded illegal arms dealer, and just plain good for the neighborhood. One guy In Iraq said his company had caught over 100 Saddam look alikes. How many MORE Osama’s are over there? I thinks he’s still alive and living in the cellar at the White House.

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