Common Sayings About Feet

toe_nail_art31. One’s Achilles’ heel is one’s weakness.
2. To be bound hand and foot is to be literally or figuratively tied up.
3. To bring one to heel is to subdue someone.
4. To go somewhere by or on foot is to walk or hike there.
5. To cool one’s heels is to pause to calm down or think before doing something rash.
6. To dig in one’s heels is to be obstinate.
7. One who doesn’t have a leg to stand on is unsupported by evidence or corroboration.
8. To drag one’s feet is to delay.
9. To find one’s feet is to become accustomed or oriented.
10. To be fleet of foot is to be fast.
11. To foot the bill is to accept financial responsibility.

39-more everyday foot idioms:


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