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The Journey of Crystal’s Angel

© 2009 Frank Paolo

Crystal’s Angel has a daunting task. In addition to being the Guardian Angel of a beautiful, young drug addict, she must now take “Crystal’s Journey”, a symbolic walk through the countrysides of Heaven representing Crystal’s long trek through the horrors of addiction.

Along the way she meets a host of characters – from a wise, old, sarcastic cat named Chickensalad (“Honey, if you need help, why don’t you call Lassie?”), to a disgusting troll who entraps her and will let her out only by paying him in tears (“Tears – you bimbo!  Whadja think we charged on this part of the trip – pesos?”) to the world’s laziest dog (“Cutie, will you push the buttons on the remote for me?”)  to swarms of deadly white bees with extra-long stingers that inject her with the sweet poison that makes Crystal high and many more.

The Journey of Crystal’s Angel is a short book based on an addict’s long road to recovery.  It’s filled with horror, hope, humiliation, humor (lots of humor) outrageous characters, raw language, crushing defeats and, eventually, an inspiring triumph of the human spirit.  It’s no fairy tale – it is based on some women addicts I’ve known.

Many of you know I am a published author of non-fiction. How to Make a Great Presentation in 2-Hours (Lifetime Books; 1992) went into a second printing in less than a year.  It’s still being legally published in some countries and pirated in three more (including China). “Crystal’s Angel” is my first book of fiction.

Currently I am finishing up a few chapters and looking for an illustrator. In addition to the normal channels of book distribution, I hope it will become a featured read in groups like Narcotics Anonymous and drug rehabilitation centers.

If you know an addict who believes in Angels – or you believe in Angels – or if you believe in an addict who believes in Angels, and would like more information, please contact me at

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2 Responses to “Coming: In Time for Christmas!”

  1. Brenda says:

    The book sounds very interesting. Was that the project you took on this summer?

    By the way do you mean Winter, 2009 or 2010? I know winter technically starts in 2009, but I think many people will think Winter 2009 has already passed.

  2. Joseph Belle-Isle says:

    I know when my Dad was a kid filling scripts in Granpa’s pharmacy a drugstore was just that, along with the sundries and after school soda fountain. Anybody could buy drugs but most didn’t because they saw the results of addiction. Espescally after the civil war when thousand and thousands of men were maimed and took morphine or laudanum, and it was cheap. People didn’t have to steal for drugs until Harry Anslinger made drugs illegal and created himself a depression era steady job, and gangsters and cartels and high prices and worldwide crime. he got us to make anti drug treaties with a multitude of other countries and now they say we can’t legalize because we have those treaties.
    But in the 1800’s, when Sherlock Holmes was a genious crimesolver on cocaine, wives with husbands with drug problems weren’t looked down on, or were their husbands. It was one of the aftermaths of an incredibly maiming war. After we started pulling out in Aug of 1969 the US Forces were finding themselves in the position that pot wasn’t so easily available, but cheap vials of absolutely pure China White was everywhere, and most GI’s didn’t even use needles. It was so pure they smoked or snorted smack. But we had to stand in line for half an hour to get two warm flat beers. The junkies that quit to get to come home seem to have done much better than the earlier guys who were just turned on to pot. We kept smoking while they succeeded. But it is a bomb to steer a 175′ Cargo Vessel out into a hurricane to evacuate an oil rig with the bow going under and the wave spashing 175′ back over the back deck with the wheelhouse stereo blaring Rock and Roll with a buzz on.

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