Clemency for Pamela Smart

This society is much bigger on punishment than rehabilitation.  What wonderful Christians we are!  We’re one of the few “civilized” nations in the world which still has capital punishment.

The very first post on this blog  – over 900 entries ago – was about clemency for Pamela Smart. Smart still sits in her cell 20-years after her crime in which she supposedly conned some stupid kid into killing her husband.  She has no chance for parole.


Years ago the Supreme Court ruled that incarceration without the chance for parole is NOT cruel and unusual punishment as banned by our Constitution.  I think they’re full of shit.  My own choice would be to provide lifers with enough suicide drugs to kill themselves – if that’s what they chose – or stay in prison forever.

But uh-uh – not in God-fearing America.  If there’s any  killing to be done around here, our society wants credit for it.  The rest of the suckers can just rot to death.

2 Responses to “Clemency for Pamela Smart”

  1. Bill says:

    In theory, I have no problem with capital punishment, but I think it should be outlawed because law enforcement does such a poor job in making sure only the guilty get convicted.

    The alternative for the truly depraved or dangerous would be life imprisonment, but I agree the individual should be offered the opportunity to die if that is what he would prefer.

  2. Joe Belle-Isle says:

    That’s probably the reason why so many other countries don’t have capital punishment- they have shitty cops AND most of the people they go to arrest get shot on the way to booking. A combination of either a payoff or a gun going off by accident a few times. My neighbors dog in cattle country chased a farmers cows too many times (3rd dog too!) and the cop that investigated (A farmboy State Trooper) said all 21 bullet holes were obviously by accident.
    Which is funny.
    But he shoulda kept his dog tied up because it kept the cows from giving milk effectively shutting down a dairy farm. And cows in Louisianna carry sidearms. I dated one who killed herself by accident when she leaned over and out of her window and the handle on the door caught the trigger.

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