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Women are so cool!  Today on the bus, I was already seated when two women got on board. The younger one looked to be in her mid-20’s; the older one seemed mid-50’s.  Both had blond hair but the younger one’s looked natural. The older lady talked all the way down the aisle behind her friend who slid into the seat in front of me. Friend immediately put her back to the window and looked at her chatty companion.

The older one continued her rant.  “So Ginny – you remember Ginny? Rob’s secretary who said she went to Cornell for pre-med but- of course, she didn’t.  Like, (changing her voice) “I went to medical school but now I’m a secretary in a bank because I’m too dumb to be a teller….”

Wow, I thought, that woman just slipped in a quote with a different voice – plus a tangent – and a question – with just half a breath.  She’s machine-gunning her friend with verbal punctuation marks!  But her friend was the perfect woman listener.  She tilted her head and looked at the older woman intensely. She nodded a few times.  And she raised her eye brows and pursed her lips when it was appropriate.

Of course I know I, and just about every other man you know, would have ALREADY said:

– “Could you just give me the Readers Digest version?”    or

– “Is this going to take long?” or

– “Can we just cut to the chase?” or (on extreme occasions) . . .

– “ Hold up – you must have me confused with someone who gives a shit.”

But the younger blond really seemed INTERESTED in this drivel!  She just wasn’t being polite, she cared – she wanted to hear the babbling bullshit.

I then remembered a pop psychology book from years ago which said women communicated in “rapport” talk (I feel you. I understand completely. We’re just alike.) And men delivered “report” talk (‘How was your day?’ “Fine” – picks up newspaper.)

I remember my ex-wife T. and I started discussing this book over dinner a long time ago.  After our loud argument, we didn’t talk to each other for the rest of the night. (Which means I “won”!)

Women learn to speak even better at:


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