Cats: A+ on Intelligence; C- on Attitude

Wednesday the Cat

“Recent studies have shown cats are potentially more intelligent than dogs but they are usually neither motivated nor compliant when it comes to participating in research”.

New Scientist Magazine detailed the results of some new studies comparing the two. It’s a well-known, scientific fact that the number of neurons in the brain’s cortex is an indication of intelligence.  Dogs have 160-million of these neurons.  Cats? Over 300-million.

However, researchers became frustrated with the study.  Although both species cognitivly understood the commands (such as a person using pointing gestures as a cue for food), dogs were eager to please the scientists, cats “just didn’t want to participate.”

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  1. Bill says:

    I don’t know which species is brighter. I do know if you’re driving down a road and beep at an animal standing on the side, most dogs will back away while most cats will dart into your path and die. Make of that what you will.

    Given that dogs obey their humans whereas humans obey their cats, I know for a certainty dog owners are more intelligent than cat owners.

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