Can’t We All Just “Search for Tomorrow”?


The worst thing about starting kindergarten for me was not being able to sit on the ‘sofa’ with my Mom for 15 minutes every weekday around noon to watch “Search for Tomorrow”. I felt bad about that. I’m sure she did too.

“Search for Tomorrow” was one of the longest running soap opera on American television. It started airing on Monday, September 3, 1951 and continued until the final episode on Friday, December 26, 1986. That’s over 35-years – 9,130 episodes.

And what were the final lines – on the final show – on that day after Christmas, 1986? “Joanne Tate” the show’s star for its entire run, is asked, “What are you searching for, Joanne?” Her reply? “Tomorrow.” (MUSIC UP- FADE TO BLACK FOREVER).

It hardly seemed worth the wait. But nothing is only what it seems. I’ll never think about that dumb show without thinking of sitting on our ‘sofa’ with my Mom over a half-century ago.


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  1. Joseph A. Belle-Isle says:

    We didn’t have a TV yet in 1951. My first memories of us having one was of pictures of the tanks and troops in Korea. Muddled in with a little kids memory of dad coming home from work one day and saying he was back from the war. Meaning work. I asked him if he had been wounded and he showed me his belly button and I believed that for years. Kids ARE impressionable.

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