Canadian Crotch Con

Jenna Talackova has been disqualified from the Miss Universe Canada pageant for being transgendered.

The very tall, blond model was born male but thought of herself as a girl since she was 4-years old. Ms. Talackova began hormone therapy at 14 and underwent gender reassignment surgery at 19.

On Friday, Miss Universe Canada explained that Talackova was eliminated “because she did not meet the requirements to compete despite having stated otherwise on her entry form.”

Of course, had Talackova told the truth, she would not be eligible anyway because the Pageant demands “naturally born female.”  WTF?!

When asked if she thought of herself as transgendered or as a woman,  Talackova replied, “I regard myself as a woman — with a history.”

Beauty pageants are antiquated, convoluted cattle calls.  If they wish to remain at least minimally relevant, they should change with the times.

Anti-disqualification petition:


10 Responses to “Canadian Crotch Con”

  1. Bill says:

    On the one hand I do agree with you on the trans-gender issue.

    On the other hand, what does being “relevant” have to do with beauty pageants? They are an excuse to gape at nice, scantily clad bodies, which I am quite happy to do. Period.

  2. Joseph Belle-Isle says:

    A guy with his dick cut off is just the same as a guy with his dick shot off by a rocket or a mortar EXCEPT-the wounded soldier was honorably wounded in action. The guy who cut his own dick off is a freaking sick prick, with it on a jar in some sick Dr.s office. Just what is the point of being a queer if you don’t have a dick to enjoy being queer with? If I found out I was kissing a “Trans-Gender” thing I’d smash his fucking head in. The funniest thing I ever saw was in the hospital wing of a southern jail. It was a Blonde haired blue eyed fairy from central lock up that had been almost fucked to death, shaking his ass at a giant psycho black fag just out of the guys reach. He had that retarded monkey in tears.

  3. Bill says:

    Most he to she transgenders are dogmeat, but I have seen a couple who had bodies to die for and were pretty to boot. Even so, you’d have to be fairly drunk or blind to mistake them for natural born females. The hands, feet, and hips give them away.

  4. Joseph Belle-Isle says:


  5. noyb says:

    As someone that is transgendered, you have no clue the daily struggles we suffer with. Estimates show roughly a third of us kill ourselves, largely because we can’t deal with society’s rejection of us.

    None of us want to be what we are… essentially, we were born with a birth defect. Some of us have genetic complications – XXY, some of us were given insufficient hormones within the womb, and some of us were born with both or deformed genitals and then assigned a gender at birth.

    What we have, is an incongruity between what society says our bodies are and what our brains actually developed as. There is evidence that transgendered people display brain activity that correlates with the gender they feel they are, rather than the gender that people ascribe to them based on their appearance.

    Particularly for those of us that got hit with testosterone at puberty, our body changes in drastic and remarkable ways which are hard to reverse, even with surgery since it is hard to change one’s skeletal structure. If given proper treatment at puberty, few people can tell a trans person from a “normal” person.

    Sadly, society has decided that trans people are less than human and should be subject to mockery and violence, largely because to acknowledge our humanity means dealing with taboos and stigmas that most people don’t want to think about. Most of us just want to be who we are and fade into the woodwork, we’ve spent our entire lives feeling out of place.

    I’m in my mid-30s and in the closet because the people around me cannot handle what I am. I spend every day wishing I was dead because of the pressure to want to be who I am colliding with the pressures of what society says I have to be. And it’s not about being gay and wanting to be accepted by society, by cutting my dick off, it’s about wanting to be myself, to finally feel comfortable in my own skin.

    And so you have something to mock, yeah, I’m a lesbian trapped in a man’s body – I’m into women… and I’ve had sex as a man with a woman and it was horrible, it felt all wrong.

    As far as this woman goes, she should be disqualified because she had surgical enhancements, the transgender issue is largely a ruse meant to get people to react to that.

    and one final thing – just like the trailer park trash on Jerry Springer doesn’t speak for all of rural America, just like every guy isn’t a player with 6 baby mamas, what you see of trans people on Springer is a stereotype meant to mock trans people for entertainment… that’s not who the majority of us are. Oh, and since roughly one in every thousand people have gender issues and one in ten thousand are transgendered, chances are, you know someone afflicted. Think about if it was your son or daughter, brother or sister, before going off the deep end.

  6. paolo. says:

    Yikes – I certainly hope this is a “form” comment and automatically sent to all blogs which use the term transgender.

    I am not mocking this woman at all as a reading of the post will show. I do know a transgendered person and am aware of the struggles through which he has gone for most of his life. I AM sympathetic.

    I’m sorry you cannot accept this woman for who she is despite her surgical enhancements. Society changes begin with our own personal acceptance of other people – including this woman.

  7. noyb says:

    Let’s just say you know two transgendered people. Some of us just don’t tell anyone. It’s not random blog spam.

    And I don’t have any problems with what the contestant has done, though if the contest bans cosmetic surgery and she has undergone some, even if it was corrective, those are the rules.

  8. paolo. says:

    First of all, if yours is a real comment, I’m sorry if I’ve written anything that has offended you. That was not my intent.

    Second, I believe “rules are rules” is bullshit. I suspect this woman has a greater agenda than being a beauty queen – and good for her!

    Finally, I know many people who do not love themselves as much as others love them. That’s a shame. I hope you find happiness one day.

    kind regards,

  9. noyb says:

    you haven’t offended me frank. The other posters, maybe a little. I simply consider it ignorance (as in a lack of education), largely due to the taboo nature of the subject and America’s unwillingness to deal with it, fueled by the Jerry Springers and Keith Ablows of the world, where mockery and hatred are the acceptable form of treating people.

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