Can You Take Your Dog to Heaven?

Billy Graham just turned 93 and I always kind of liked the guy despite my eye-rolling dislike of most of the puppets, charlatans, and hustlers who usually dance in our church pulpits.  My admiration started when I was a kid reading his newspaper column.

An old man wrote Dr. Graham saying he was in anguish because his pastor said his faithful dog couldn’t go to heaven with him because it didn’t have a soul and there were Bible verses to “prove” it.

Billy wrote back saying he absolutely believed the Bible which also said “anything you need to make you happy in heaven, you will have, so if you need your old dog, he’ll be there.”

Do I believe that?  I believe Billy Graham has a heart full of goodness and the earth is a better place for him having lived here.

13 Responses to “Can You Take Your Dog to Heaven?”

  1. Bill says:

    He had an interesting career. In the early days, he was a fire and brimstone kind of guy with a dynamic delivery. As he aged, his “sermons” quieted down to the point where he was a droner who could put you to sleep.

    My wife worked on his Rochester crusade. They had hundreds of volunteers who ran a well-oiled machine. I liked that he was not self-employed. While the corp. made millions, Billy was paid a set salary as an employee of said corp. It was a good salary, but not outrageously high; I would say firmly middle class. I also believe he is a good man, AND I enjoyed the singing of Bev Shea.

    The pastor mentioned in your blog should have been in a different line of work.

  2. Joe Belle-Isle says:

    About 25 yrs ago I heard him speak while tripping. So I can still feel his belief in what he said and the fact that what he said was undeniably true. We live in the Information age. We are BOMBARDED with stuff to worry about and make ourselves sick over. BOMBARDED was his choice of words to describe the noise we were fed everyday on Television and radio. And most likely it had ALWAYS been there. And we are being forced to worry about things we can’t do anything about anyway.
    So why NOT turn it over to a higher power. It always strikes me how the older folks have seemed to all find a way to turn their worries over to God. And because of that Ohare woman we’re all somewhat afraid to mention that three letter word. Hey God created screwing.If I were to give a sermon it would have to be on the Joy of simple perversions and the Lord. Mary Magdellon and the one eyed trouser snake in the age of robes.

  3. Bill says:

    Joe, you just reminded me of an Eddie Murphy movie I saw years ago. He was a vampire, I think, and at one point he impersonated a minister at a service and gave a sermon about ASS. He had the congregation rocking. Not what Rev Graham had in mind maybe, but it rang true and was funny as hell.

    Yes, we are bombarded with information, and many people–particularly women for some reason–choose to bow out of the process. They don’t read or watch the news because it is too stressful, and they focus on the personal, quite often with the aid of religion. I like to think there is a happy medium; be informed, but only spend just so much time on it per day; don’t drive yourself nuts.

  4. Joe Belle-Isle says:

    But If they won’t give you any because GOD told them it was DIRTY??? I have to say this-ONCE THERE WERE TWO CHINAMEN-now look how many.

  5. Bill says:

    Joe, tell them if God was willing to bang a 14 year old virgin, it can’t be that nasty. And whatever happened to “go forth and multiply”?

  6. Joe Belle-Isle says:

    2X2=4,4X4=16 1 on 1 =3, and so on.

  7. Joe Belle-Isle says:

    And circle jerk has to mean something else besides a session of congress?

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