Can Weiner Pull It Off Again?

Anthony Weiner (D. New York) was exposed for a second time! The former Congressman was sexting (sending sexual pictures of himself on a social medium) in 2011.  After denying the incriminating photos, he admitted they were his and resigned in June of that year.  A few months ago he announced he was running for Mayor of New York City.  BUT new recent photos of him keying his parts popped up AGAIN.  Now he says he’s not dropping out of the race.

New Yorkers will forgive just about anything in politics – greed, corruption, scandal, and everything else with which we’ve become familiar.  But let’s hope we won’t forgive stupidity – times TWO!

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  1. kqt says:

    Why are these men so stupid, Frank? Clearly they have to know people are paying attention. I wish I understood.

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