Bustin’ Their Ball

Students at Grand Valley State University in Michigan have staged a protest because a giant pendulum art sculpture – similar to the one used by Miley Cyrus in her most recent video – has been removed because of “safety.” The sculpture became a parody by students – some with clothes; some without – who rode it while being videotaped. The videos were put online and went viral.

School officials say an examination of the “structural integrity of the installation showed cable decay.”  This is easily translated into “We really don’t care about squished students – just possible lawsuits.”

The twitter account GVSU Wrecking Ball, @GVSUball, has been a place for students to post their “wrecking ball” experiences and insist it be brought back by spreading the hashtag #reinstalltheball.

The “real” Nude-Miley ball is here. [UNCENSORED]

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