Blue Man Walking


Remember Paul Karason, the man who turned himself blue by drinking large amounts of colloidal silver to clear a skin condition?  I talked about him in a blog post:  “There IS Someone for Everyone”

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In that piece I  suggested Mr. Karason get romantically involved with a woman who turned herself orange drinking large amounts of beta carotine exclusively for 30-days.  I suggested their children would be an off-mauve color, could be called Mauvato’s, but probably should be called Paolotto’s because I thought of the idea.

Anyway, The Blue Man is doing fine a year and a half after his initial appearance on the “Today Show” and has had several extensive medical checkups.  The results are all pretty normal except, of course, he’s still blue (I hope his co-payments weren’t expensive for doctors to tell him that).  He did not comment on the orange lady – whom I call “O” – although he did break off his engagement to another woman for undisclosed reasons.

My question?  Will the Blue Man be covered under President Obama’s new health plan which will include Blacks, Browns (Hispanics), Yellows (Asian), Reds (American Indians, not Communists), and, of course, Whites (including Albino Caucasians) ?

Greens (sea-sick sailors and frogs) will not be covered; nor will Grays (dead people).

Of course, the “Blues” – Blue Cross and Blue Shield – are heavy hitters in the health care industry.  Would they be dumb enough to deny coverage to one of their own?  Just treat him like an uninsured nitwit with a self-induced “pre-condition”?  Stay tuned.

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7 Responses to “Blue Man Walking”

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  2. Joe Belle-Isle says:

    For that guy is blue past tense, post tense, present tense, or just insanely optomistic?

  3. Steve says:

    You know, I’m sure he’s a nice guy and all, but when I see him, all I think is…”idiot”…but then, not sure which is worse…him tunring himslef into a Smurf, or the media fascination.
    “And next, we have a man who turned himself….blue? Yeah, coming up next, but first…is your toothpaste slowly killing you and, are Gremlins real?”

  4. Joe Belle-Isle says:

    Steve a while back you said something about hearing about the revolution for years. You bet. I’ve been reading a mid 1930’s play THE WOMEN by Claire Boothe and one of the characters ays in 1936 that they are waiting for the revolution. Another can’t wait to get home and sprawl out on her giant bed in the comfortable position of a swastica. I’ll bet the first people to be waiting for the revolution since the US was formed were the same ones that a year earlier were wondering when the revolution was ever gonna end.
    Of course Gremlins are real. And tribbles.

  5. Brenda says:

    Blue guy reminds me of one of the kids from Charlie & the Chocolate Factory. I think it was the girl who snatched the blueberry gum and blew up like a blimp and blue up like a blueberry….Was Viola her name?

    Joe, I recently watched a movie called “The Women”. It was with Meg Ryan and a couple of other big names. Her husband cheated on her and she had to figure out what she would do. The closing credits said it was based on an old play…I wonder if it is the same thing?

  6. Joe Belle-Isle says:

    There was an old movie based on it. In the format there are some high society rich women in N.Y.C. with rich husbands that keep them, and then their manicurists’ and hairdressers. The manicurist thinks any woman that’s got a cheating hubby that supplies a nice home, plenty of spending money, vacations of the permanent type/plus a place in High society better keep her mouth shut because in the 30’s there were hundreds of “Floosies” that would steal their hubby’s and tell them about it to their face. The younger husband stealing woman tells the other, “I’ve got as much right to be sitting in that tub of butter you are as you do.” One of the working girls says, “All they want is one thing!” and is answerred with, “What else have we got to give honey!” This book has all kinds of neat depression era plays. Reminds me there were all kinds of super rich people in the 30’s that didn’t lose everything.

  7. Brenda says:

    Yes Joe, that was exactly the gist of the movie, except it was set in modern day. It had Meg Ryan and Eva Mendez was the “other” woman. I was stunned at the way Meg’s character never truly stood up to the other woman and took her cheating husband all in stride. I understood more clearly when I learned the movie was an adaptation of an older movie.

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