Blog Ex-Fan: ‘Why Do You HATE President trump?’

Mocking Disabled
Russia Connection
Hiding Tax Returns
Business Conflicts
FBI Comey Firing
Quit Paris Accord
Pissing Off Allies
No Putin Criticism
Healthcare Bullshit
Illegal Muslim Ban
Enemy Of The Arts
Blaming Pres Obama
Big Tax Cuts For Rich
King Tut Gold Decor
Anti-Women Bus Rant
Sean Spicer Horseshit
Heavy Medicaid Cuts
Phony” Job Numbers
15+++ Golf Weekends
Paranoid Conspiracies
Planned Parenthood
Mexicans are Rapists
Arrogant Hypocrisy
Trash-Talking Twits
Stupid, Lying Tweets
Extra-Security $$$$$
Wacko Steve Bannon
Trips To Mar-A-Lago
Shoving The Diplomat 
Stupid Fucking Wall
Meanness & Pettiness
Pro-Choice Flip-Flop
“Witch Hunt” Label
Calls Schumer Clown
Lies And MORE Lies
W H I N I N G ! ! !

PS – This is just off the top of my head.  If I did a little research, I’m sure I could find dozens more!

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