Black Police Forces


America isn’t good at recognizing reality. I hate to admit it but the colorblind race dreams of the ’60’s are now pretty much black and white. There have been significant advances in voting, education, and representation but there are many other cultural areas from music to housing where de facto segregation still exists – often by choice.

The latest examples of police killing blacks highlight this fact.  Would Mike Brown and Eric Garner still be alive today had the police who stopped them been black?  Would these guys have had more respect and less anger for the uniform if it was covering black skin?

I don’t know, of course, but I think it would be smart to try a limited social experiment for a few years.  What if certain specific sectors of cities predominated by minorities were policed by black-only officers?  This new force would be paid, trained, and organized as well as the main force with a stronger focus on community relations and de-escalating tense situations. It would be respected as a ‘special forces’ branch of law enforcement service.

I know there will be cries of racism and a refusal to believe the melting pot isn’t working – but it’s obvious we need some new ideas here because what we have today isn’t working.

Black police force:


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