Birth This!

If you want Barrack Obama to have a 2nd term as President, you got good news today.  He produced the long form of his birth certificate  thereby giving in to right wing wing-nuts and Donald Trump.  At first I thought he was just being a waffling weuss like he’s been during his  term.

But then I figured out, he WANTS to run against Donald Trump! By seemingly answering Trump’s call to “produce your birth certificate”, he gives credence to someone who’s pretty much a joke in serious politics.

The Gallup poll above was taken last week.  Just for the hell of it, pollsters threw in the question about TRUMP’s birthplace – never suspecting people would react to it as they did. One-third of the respondents weren’t positive TRUMP was born in the United States!

This poll doesn’t necessarily show the average voter is ‘dumb as dust’ – just naive.  They also probably don’t care much about a campaign that’s a year and a half away.  And, of course,  there are a lot of episodes of “Dancing With the Stars” between now and then.

4 Responses to “Birth This!”

  1. 250848-B25 says:

    If the federal government can take down the World Trade Center, then I’m sure they can fake a long form birth certificate.

  2. paolo. says:

    Careful, buddy – the paranoids might get ya.

  3. Joe Belle-Isle says:

    Oh yeah-like Suckerface says, fire won’t melt STEEL!! How DO you make steel?? 250848-B52- Frank wouldn’t like it if I called you a stupid fuck. But I’m sure many other people do so I won’t have to. But You are protected from an earshot with a 30cal, seing as it would go in one ear and out the other without hitting anything. You need to realise Rosie O is an ignorant

  4. amy says:

    our federal government Did take down our own world trade center. I love seeing that there are people that get it and dont ignore it.

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