Big Mac……145 miles


There are over 13,000 McDonald’s restaurants in the US. Somewhere in South Dakota is the place in the US geographically most removed from the nearest McDonalds. If you started out from this location, a few miles north of State Highway 20 (which runs between Highways 73 in the west and 65 in the east), you’d have to travel 145 miles to get a Big Mac.  And that’s just one more reason the United States should drop from our roster  South Dakota, South Carolina, and West Virginia too.  We no longer have enough money to collect “doubles”.

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  1. Brenda says:

    I remember I was around 4 years old when the first McDonald’s opened near me. Actually maybe that was when they came out with the Chicken Mcnuggets. I can’t remember. Perhaps we should ban McDonald’s until we get our obesity problem under control.

  2. Frank Paolo says:

    BTW: Gary, Joe, Warrior, Steve: you’re all kind of history buffs – you’ll love that Strange Map link. I was on it yesterday for over an hour!

  3. Steve says:

    Cool site.
    SIdebar, Your Honor: Why was Joe Wilson’s behaviour acceptable, along with Joe L. Perry’s little article about a military solution to the “Obama Problem”…but now Republicans are demanding that Grayson apologize?
    And what would the GOP have said if someone had even hinted at a millitary solution to the “Bush Problem”?

  4. Joe Belle-Isle says:

    Now now, lets be fair. Do to them what they all do unto others. Kill them ALL and let God decide. Obama may have bowed to the King, but I’m sure Bush got him away from the camera’s and gobbled like a Turkey. A San Francisco two legged turkey.

  5. Warrior says:

    Which Republican leaders said Joe Wilson’s behavior was acceptable? He, himself, said it wasn’t and apologized.

    Let me turn it around.:Why did the Dems demand an apology from & censure of Wilson but not from Grayson? Not that I would expect them to. But does anyone take his claim seriously?

    At least the Reps are consistent in these instances, they call out the lies when they see them.

    And, oh, the Perry blog post was removed but here’s a HuffPo writer, Martin Lewis, asking for a military coup to arrest Bush: I don’t recall much of a stink being made about it at the time, but maybe I missed it.

  6. Joe Belle-Isle says:

    I CAN’T watch or read the politics without wanting to vomit all over the Beltway. They all ought to be arrested for treason. Taking their buddies personal gain first and/ or even putting the steps in motion to become a dictator. I read the other day the Afghani forces aren’t good enough to shoulder the war there so we are going to about have to do it all. Hmmm. They are good enough to make us have to do it all though. My Afghani freind- the only time he got mad enough to start about shaking was when I said something about getting the Taliban out of Afghanistan. An Afghan, he said loudly and angrily, “Get the taliban OUT of Afghanistan!! The Taliban IS Afghanistan. There wouldn’t be a problem if that Mother***** Bin Laden hadn’t brought the Americans there!” And I’m beginning to suspect the regular Army officers at top levels are getting sick of seeing their men get hurt and feeding them bullshit. With the exception of a few stupid old men like Westmoreland. And one quote I remember about him was, “That stupid old man got my men killed!!.” The one BIG advantage of the draft was that it kept a civilian populace largely trained in basic military functions.” Maybe the D&C is vying for first spot on the list of crumbling newspapers to get a few billion from Obama. Paying newspapers nobody reads. That’s good government. But thanks to the FBI raid on RIT’s REPORTER magazine durring Vietnam that went all the way to the supreme court, Freedom of the press applies to even little tiny papers, Like Tom Paines COMMON SENSE.

    PPS. Did anyone know or realize that durring WWII we had to have a very bloody battle and cold combat landing on the mainland USA? The Japanese had extablished a stronghold on the Aleutian Islands. I didn’t know that.

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