Bacon or Beggin’ Strip Tattoo

Quick! Wipe the grease off your keyboard.

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  1. Bill says:

    I love bacon. Unfortunately, it is highly carcinogenic, so I eat it rarely and in moderation. My grandfather had bacon or some other form of salt pork for breakfast all his adult life and died of colon cancer at about age 52.

    I hope this person is in the bacon industry; otherwise, he needs his head examined.

  2. paolo. says:

    No comment on 500,000 visits? Do you think I made that up? Imagine how many people have read your words from this blog – and what’s that worth?

  3. Bill says:

    What, you want me to pay you now?

    Just kidding. No I don’t think you made it up; Joe and I alone account for several thousand of those. Truthfully, yours is the only blog I visit, and that’s primarily because I know you. This whole social networking deal leaves me cold.

    I am on facebook, have a couple dozen “friends”, and actually look at it once or twice a week. Six of my “friends” post items on the bulletin board 6-12 times per day every single day. 99% of the posts are along the lines of “I’m brushing my teeth now”. Do they really think anyone gives a damn?

    Anyway, I do enjoy your site, but I suspect it will remain the only one I visit. You have often mentioned the threads in the local paper, and I have taken a peek at the blogs run by various organizations, and the vitriol alone is enough to scare me off. They are good for a laugh though; the average American really is a moron and is not at all afraid to prove it.

  4. paolo. says:

    On the D&C site, almost a third of the posts were eliminated by the administrator today! Yesterday the editorial head of the site said she doesn’t have enough staff to “babysit mean-spirited posters” all day and said the paper may go to a ‘name-only’ format for avatars. I don’t care because I use my name now but some of those people just spit bile and call each other names.

    If it wasn’t for my “Daily War Dead” post (between 5 & 6 each morning), I might not go there myself.

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  6. Joe Belle-Isle says:

    Bacon and Eggs, Ham and Eggs, Sausage and eggs-WERE NEVER A NORMAL aMERICAN BREAKFAST!! Until about 100 yrs ago the pork industry decided that to sell more pork they would advertise that Breakfast was the most important meal of the day and we all needed to eat a good hearty breakfast! It was endorsed by Doctors. Then of course they “Decided” a good hearty healthy breakfast was one made with Ham and Eggs, Bacon and eggs, Sausage and eggs—The Pork industry boomed. Cream of wheat’s about dead and a healthy breakfast of Oatmeal is almost forgotten AND regular Oatmeal cooks just about as fast as “Instant” oatmeal in a microwave. TRY IT!! Shop around for some fresh road kill and add honey and there’s your instant all natural all round important meal of the day. Hell Bikers get protein from the bugs in their teeth and their kids use their beards for edjucational aunt farms.
    This stuffs from your “Aunt” Marjie, This side sticks from your “AUNT” Bab’s, etc.

  7. Kitchenaid says:


    […]Bacon or Beggin’ Strip Tattoo « Everyone Is Entitled To My Opinion[…]…


    […]Bacon or Beggin’ Strip Tattoo « Everyone Is Entitled To My Opinion[…]…

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    […]Bacon or Beggin’ Strip Tattoo « Everyone Is Entitled To My Opinion[…]…

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