Aww…Rush Isn’t That Bad

Bill Maher, an extremely left-leaning host of “Real Time” (a cable television show, I guess) thinks Liberals should just accept Rush Limbaugh’s apology for his piggish remarks about the Georgetown law student and “move on.”

Liberals are shocked.  I’m laughing my ass off!

What did you expect, o-naive-ones?  Media stars like Maher and Limbaugh NEED each other.  No one goes to a professional wrestling show to watch good guys battle good guys.  If there are no villains, the whole thing kind of loses its charm.  Well, duuuh…..

I hope ol’ Rush survives the onslaught of sponsors, stations, and fans jumping ship.  I guess they take his horseshit seriously.  Seriously – that’s funny!  Is Maher funny?  Not so much.

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