Attack Ron Paul At Your Own Risk

In Iowa, Republican candidates for President are eating their own kids. Besides attacking each other, they’re ganging up on Ron Paul because he’s the front runner.  They’ve called him zany, not a “decent” American, “to the left of Obama on the wars,” and racist.  Hell, I’m surprised one of them hasn’t accused him of kidnapping the Lindbergh baby!

Dr. Paul is much more mature than I am – but if I were he, I’d probably say this:

“OK, listen up suckers.  You’d better start focusing on President Obama’s failed policies and present your own creative solutions – or it’s going to get real grim around here.

If I don’t get the nomination, I may well just start my own third party and it won’t be a Donald Trump joke.  Ross Perot got about 20% of the vote in 1992 when things in this country were a lot better.

I might win and I might not. But today people are angry enough to give a third party 30- maybe 35% of the votes that might have gone to you.  Obama may win anyway – but you’ve got NO CHANCE if I walk with tens of millions of voters.”

And here’s a political reality Republicans forget:  No one cares about gay marriage, abortion rights, nor even the wars – when he’s standing in an unemployment line waiting for a bank to foreclose on his house.


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  1. Joseph Belle-Isle says:

    Well, you say no one cares about wars and gay marriage when they are standing in an unemployment line worrying about a house like the one I NEVER GOT being forclosed. I care as much about gay marriage as I ever did (I don’t) and I don’t give a rats ass if some spoiled draft dodging college boy is about to lose everything. I enjoy it as much as I liked watching the blacks and the Puerto Ricans in a wrestling audience duke it out. Pure entertainment. The kind that comes from finding security in living poor and within my means while rich thinking snoibs look down their nose at me having the balls to whine to me when their stupidity catches up. Waitiing all my life for it. If someone has never had to sleep in their car they just aren’t experienced enough but it’s coming. Just stay off my grass.

  2. Bill says:

    The Republican hierarchy (aka rich people) is upset with the GOP candidates tearing each other up in all these debates because it makes things just that much easier for Obama. They have decided enough is enough; Mitt Romney will be the candidate. Via the super-pacs, they are using their money for attack ads to get Paul and Gingrich out of the race. They will do the same to anyone else who might pose a threat to Mitt, and he will have smooth sailing from here on in.

    Ron Paul has run as an independent candidate in the past. I don’t believe he will go that route again because he has high hopes for his son Rand’s political future, but screwing things up for the party this year could cost Rand big time down the road.

    Frankly, I wish someone would run on a 3rd party line; they’d get my vote, but I don’t see Ron Paul being the one to do it.

  3. paolo. says:

    Bill – good insights – hadn’t thought about those things. I see on the Rochester Conservative site that a number of people – even there – think Obama’s going to win. Nobody likes the idea but reality sucks.

  4. Joseph Belle-Isle says:

    4 More years of a Democratic Mulim who lies like a Bush-well there aren’t millions of the bush Family and Cheneys and Rumsfields put together to make as many well hidden targets as millions of out in the open Muslims waiting for a world class backlash in hard times. Obama’s done more to hurt Muslims than the twin Towers and blacks than-I can’t think of anyone else whose done as much to black people including farakan-to set them back and hurt them. Lewis and Clark carried an air rifle on their expedition. Not a BB gun-something ex cons could carry legally. a .44 or .45 calibre, 50 shot magazine KILLER and QUIET air gun. Any half assed mechanicly aptituded carpenter with a nail gun and a file can make deadly weapons out of nail guns and a air compressor. I’ve seen the air tank used to start the diesel on an old wooden seagoin tug explode and blow the entire top deck and wheelhouse off of it. Taking away the 2nd ammendment guarantees only crooks will have guns and any honest mechanic will simply have to demolish the crooks home with the crook in it without explosives.

  5. Ron Paul is right on many issues but so wrong on others he would destroy America.

  6. I actually like Ron Paul. He is not fearful of standing up for what he believes. I do not know if I will vote for him. I do not know if he can win election. It isn’t looking so good right now. Maybe things will pick up.

  7. Dell Stremi says:

    Ron Paul is a physician. I believe that that makes him an expert when it comes to healthcare. What do the other candidates really know about it? He has been there and done that. I like my doctor and I am sure that Dr. Paul is knowledgable just like my doctor. It is about time we had a intelligent, honest person in the White House.

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