Asswipe Doesn’t Care Anymore

Disgraced President Asswipe has been rocketing towards crazyville faster and I think I know why:

There’s only a 50-50 chance the bastard will run for re-election and now he’s just bleating bullshit for attention. I said the same thing last fall.

Crazy Rudy Giuliani, ‘Worst AG-Barr-None,’ and more competent lawyers will work out a justice deal like Nixon and Agnew got. Asswipe would agree to resign or not to run in exchange for the Southern District of New York Prosecutors dropping all charges against him and his family.

Even Asswipe can figure out it’s better NOT to run for President and be free – than to run, lose, and then face criminal charges with possible time in the Trump Wing of the Crossbar Hotel.

The odiferous buffoon doesn’t like his job anyway.

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