Asses to Ashes and Rush to Rust

Gene Roddenberry, the creator of “Star Trek” and his wife Majel Barrett Roddenberry, who was the voice of the computer on the Starship Enterprise, will spend the rest of their deaths together in space. The announcement was made earlier this week by Celestis, Inc. spokesperson Susan Schonfeld.

Celestis Inc. is a company which launches cremains, or cremated human remains, as a secondary payload on various rockets around the world.

The couple’s cremains will be hermetically sealed into specially made capsules designed to withstand the rigors of space travel. A rocket-launched spacecraft will carry the capsules, along with digitized tributes from fans, ever deeper into space, never again to return to Earth. Right.

Gene Roddenberry died in 1991. His cremains were stored in an undisclosed location, probably in California, waiting for Mrs. Roddenberry. She died in December of last year.


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