Are You Kidneying Me!?!


(Another Recycled Presentation – It’s just too damn cold to write!)

Here’s one of my 5 kidney stones. Passing a kidney stone has been described as trying to blow a golf ball out of a garden hose. I wish it were that easy. Golf balls are relatively smooth compared to the formidable collection of cutting crystals you see above. Since it was one of the largest stones he saw passed “naturally”, my kidney doctor said either I was very large or it was horribly painful. It was horribly painful.

When cleaned and viewed under a magnifying glass, the stones themselves are rather pretty. My friend Amy has a collection of mine in a small, heart- shaped, blue velvet-lined case. She says she’s waiting for me to pass a few more so she can use them to make a bracelet. Amy is funny and strange. Very strange.



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  1. I know it’s a bit wierd for a old straight guy with nips because of combat to be giving jewelry advice, but GOOD square gold filled wire and a hand twisting tool to put a filigree in it could make your stones something to be proud to wear around. In the nursing home when your roomate startes to tell you about what they took out of him , you could start back by SHOWING HIM! Newspapers are being hit hard, start a new rag- FADS FOR DAD’S!

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