Are We There Yet?

We’ve only just started August and I’m already so sick of this presidential campaign, I wish they would hold the election tomorrow, cancel it altogether, or have Michelle Obama and Mrs. McSame decide the winner by a nude, oil- wrestling match. (BTW – I’d bet the Blond Bombshell would win in the first round- she’s COLD, bro!)

McClone compares Obama to Britney and Paris, late night comedians are dusting off all their “old” jokes to stick it to the potential Mc-hip-breaker, and the murderous, moronic Iraq war goes on and on and on. AND we’re supposed to listen to all this crap for another 3 FULL MONTHS!? Not me.

Look – this is the easiest choice for President since Hoover-Roosevelt in 1932.

• Do you like how things have gone for America these last 8-years? Fine – vote for McSame.

• Do you think it’s time to change course – although it has risks that ANY change implies? Good – Ochange-a is your man.

What can be simpler?

Me? I’m going to ignore ANYTHING ELECTION for the next three months and enjoy the rest of the Summer and Fall. “See ya – wouldn’t want to be-ya.” I now remember why I didn’t participate in this brain-dead, repetitious, stink- filled, sound-bitten, bullshit process (except once) for FORTY YEARS! I’ll try not to laugh – or cry – from the sidelines.


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2 Responses to “Are We There Yet?”

  1. Bill says:

    About 10% of the population is informed enough to make the campaigns irrelevant. Another 40% is educable, and the parties reach them via position papers, debates, and websites. The remaining 50% is composed of morons, but they DO vote; if you ignore them, you lose the election. You reach them with inanities that appeal to their emotions. It has always been this way, and it always will be.

    I understand the impulse to sit the process out, but do you really want to concede the field to morons?

  2. Frank Paolo says:

    Damn – I hate it when smart people read my blog and write in! Now I’ve got to think about this.

    Last year I offered my speaking coaching services to the Anti-War people locally. They never called. I heard some of their “speakers.” They should have.

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