And What is YOUR Whiney Little Opinion?

You may think only four or five people read this blog because the only comments are by Joe and Bill. Untrue.  About 5-hundred people every day – from all over the world – click here and that’s pretty good for a blog with no advertising and features my happy horseshit.

I think some people don’t comment because they don’t understand  that “Mail” refers to their e-mail address. Or they think they’ll go on some lists or I might come looking for them if they write something hateful.  Don’t worry – if I haven’t killed Bill or Joe by now, you’re pretty safe.

Also, I never censor comments although I bulk-delete masses of spam that come this way and you might go ‘poof’ if you fall into a spam filter. Many people reach me at: and that’s OK too.

Anyway, feel free to drop a comment or two.  And to the gentleman from Taiwan who said, “No offense but this blog is the most stupid I’ve ever read”, I’d like to say, “Buddy – some days I think you’re right.”

3 Responses to “And What is YOUR Whiney Little Opinion?”

  1. Joe Belle-Isle says:

    What’s he read it for? I’ve been to Asia. Carrying a bucket of dirt supported by a stick held between two stumbling peasants shoulders= past a wheelbarrow kinda relaxes those of us that don’t need to carry dirt in a bucket to a place by the ocean where the tide gives them a permanent job. carrying the dirt out to sea. Or using all the concrete you get to make beautiful cemeteries while you eat dried fish, and rice flavorred with the dark sauce that the salt used to preserve the fish makes while you live in a grass hut with no electricity sort of counters the impression that orientals from taiwan are super intelligent mathemeticians.
    While peeing outside on the street by the well does add to the ambience of the place. Don’t tell me a woman can’t pee standing up. All she has to do is pull her pantsleg up past her wet spot.
    Sp.4 Rose bragged for a week on the set of legg’s the girl he met in Taiwan had-“Eatin’ pussy!! An Oriental with real American eatin’ pussy!!” He’d brag. For about a week he danced around and bragged to us unhappy aint had none pussy paupers, Then suddenly stopped.
    So then we asked Rose, “Hey Rose! Why ain’t you braggin about your Taiwanese eatin’ pussy anymore??”
    “Clapp,” he said and walked away.

  2. paolo. says:

    Did you clap?

  3. Joe Belle-Isle says:

    No-but I did ask to go to Taipei.

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