An Oklahoma City Salad

The American College of Sports Medicine named Oklahoma City as the unhealthiest city in the United States.  If you live there, chances are you’re fatter, exercise less, and are more likely to die of cardiovascular disease than in any other American city.  There are also fewer primary care physicians per person to tell you “hey buddy, throw in a salad now and then” and “Don’t always use the remote.  WALK to your TV to change channels”.  The chirping you hear on a summer night is not crickets – it’s the clicking shut of your neighbors’ arteries.

Maybe that’s why Oklahoma is such a threat.  During the Vietnam era, George W. Bush joined the military – in the Texas Air National Guard.  He was protecting Texas against Oklahoma.

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  1. Joe Belle-Isle says:

    Joining the Air National Guard was almost impossible with a LOOONG waiting list that was way longer than the waiting time for people that were 1-A to be drafted into the Infantry. Active duty people considerred it a form of draft dodging.

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