Amy – My Twin & Best Friend.


Amy and I were born on June 9th. That’s our Birthday. What year? EVERY YEAR, Skippy…..Duh! Amy kept getting better and better looking but I didn’t. Of course she HAD to get better looking (see the first picture). Shortly after she was born, Amy looked like a wax sculpture which had been left in the sun. But she got much better very quickly!

Sometime, after she was five (middle picture), but before she was thirty (last picture) she was even a centerfold with real staples and everything. Unfortunately, she had gone mad by that time and took to sitting on counters and studying things in the sink. One day she decided she’d become Amish because she liked horses and carts. So she moved to Pennsylvania and I haven’t seen her since. I also have two sisters who moved to France to become Muslims. I haven’t seen them since either. Religion’s a bitch when it breaks up families even if you get a free horse and cart.



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  1. amy says:

    lookout that double chin is coming back…

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