Amy – My Twin & Best Friend

Amy and I share a birthday on June 9th.  What year?  Every year, dumbass.  I knew Amy was special a few minutes after I met her.  Like every guy at first,  I was a little overwhelmed by her beauty and sexiness.  That lasted until she got me laughing and then discussed the parallels in her life with those of Scout in “To Kill a Mockingbird.”  At the time, she was going to RIT.

A year or two later, I hired her to be my assistant for my Great Presentations! Seminars – mainly for Eastman Kodak.  We must have done 50 or 60 of the classes and many evaluations mentioned Amy’s perception and how she helped students relax in an uncomfortable situation.

One of Amy’s favorite roles is “mothering”.  One year I had the flu and remember her  unexpectedly at my door overloaded with bags of groceries, books, and videos with an old-lady babushka on her head stomping snow off her boots.  Sunday the Cat loved her and Sunday usually didn’t like ANYONE except me.

Amy’s one of the kindest and most caring people I’ve ever met.  She’s having a rough year after losing Boo, her Basset Hound, suffering a few health problems, and being primary caregiver for her Grandmother which has almost turned into a full-time job.  That’s OK, though – she’ll bounce back.

Please send some positive energy to a lady whose heart is a whole lot bigger than her attributes for which most men lust.

I love you, Twin.

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  1. Joe Bele-Isle says:

    The puppie. I know this is silly but my grandson brought about a 1/3 grown ct here to my 6+1/2 lb puppies domain and they are very territorial. for 2 weeks the dog was going nuts trying to crawl under the cats door to get to it for a snack and in the 3d week the kitten was crying all day and the pup wanted to help it- finaly I let the kitty out and there was several days of races. Then when they quieted down the dog would have took off after anything that would have hurt the kitty, and would sit and wag it’s tail- the kitty started slapping it until my puppies tail was almost hairless from the kitty’s claws. so the dog took on a cats self defence and started sitting on the top backs of chairs. Because of my back I sleep in an easy chair and the pup sleeps or sits all day right above my head.When I look up we are nose to nose. I HAVE to outlive this animal. I couldn’t die right thinking someone that didn’t love it inherritted it. Amy your young enough to have been with your pup to the end. It’s sad, but your lucky. So long as I’m alive my dog Isabelle will never be mistreated. It’s better we outlive them as no-one else will ever care for them like we do and hurry them to their last chance while we do whatever it takes to keep them alive and comfortable.
    I don’t know your situation you you grandmother but it’s better to have a real grandaughter to care than to be in places where they give people pills to forget or imagine they have a loved one. It’s a hard job but it is Gods Natural way, and too many just pay others now. In a coma it’s normal for the elderlies feet to move and then their arms and then they go in their sleep and it’s the best way. If you aren’t ready for it you’ll be wiped out but it’s a good way to go. Then you’ll be released. My wifes been a caregiver for 15 yrs, Franks met her. I only saw her work once on one persons last night. I did it for my own but to do it for a living is something only special people do.

  2. paolo. says:

    Thank you, Joe B-I. Your wife is a special person. You are too.

  3. amy stahl says:

    Oh my gosh, Franco.
    thanks so much for this tribute!!!
    love you!!!!!

  4. amy stahl says:

    and Joe, thank you for all those kind words. My brother and I miss Boo Radley sooo damn much.
    I did get to have a dear final conversation with my Boo rt before I was greeted by the nurses to finally take him into the vet building to be finally put down.
    He was having a good day, health and otherwise that day but he knew what was up as I told him for weeks. I crawled in the back of my jeep cherokee where he lay on his favorite sesame street blanket and tried not to cry through my words too much as I kept smelling his ears, smearing them on my nose.
    A smart dog, of course; we talked about what was about to happen and that he was to wait for me on the other side with his estranged basset brother, Filby from our 10year house together in upstate Ny.
    As the anesthesia needle was put in (Im tearing up now!) I reminded him cooly, “mm this is good stuff ‘Moosh’; Mommys favorite…” and his eyes were about to go blank as I told him I loved him more than anything in the whole world and to enjoy for the best nap ever.
    That dog and I lived through the craziest 15 years of travel, men, bad decisions, many many afternoons and evenings of laziness and great meals together. NO one else knows me like him.
    He was always a great excuse for me to stay home and just enjoy blankets instead of going anywhere with people and I always spoke to him through every situation we lived through word for word With him–in fact, sometimes even whispers between him and I only–as best friends as long as he knew. Boo was the most important guy in my life and I believe he felt as such and knew that I always did put him first.
    I originally was sent by my vet back in 1996 to save him when he was 7 months old. I drove to the home he was presently in –with his soon to be basset brother I already had– and took him directly back to our house that day for his forever.
    He was nervous since birth and I quickly favored him as my sidekick. His name when I got him was Bruno and I decided I didnt want a dog to have “no” in his name. So, from Brew he quickly became forever “Scout’s Boo Radley”.

  5. paolo. says:

    I’ll always remember the first time I “met” Boo in Amy’s living room. I was always afraid of dogs because I was bitten as a child. I started walking through the doorway and froze when I saw this huge hound sprawled across the couch asleep. “Oh,” that’s Boo,” Amy said.

    Boo slowly opened his eyes and looked at me. In about a second and a half, he closed his eyes and fell back to sleep.

    Boo was the coolest dog I ever met.

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